Enscape 3.3.1 and Sketchup 2022 - crashing PC

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  • Hi,

    We have a user working with Sketchup 2022 and Enscape 3.3.1. Randomly she'll be working on the Sketchup model and Enscape, and the PC will crash out completely and reboot. She submitted a feedback report and was told to update the graphics driver (AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100). That was already done prior to sending the feedback report and she responded as such, and was then told that Enscape wouldn't crash out the PC and it must be an issue with the hardware.

    I've now replaced the PC for another one (same model, same graphics card model but a different machine and card) and made sure everything is up to date with drivers and software. She was working on it fine for a short while but then the same issue occurred so we're back to Square One.

    Any suggestions or shall we submit another Feedback Report with the new PC?

    • Official Post

    SamSB , please kindly definitley submit another Feedback Report so that we'll also receive a set of fresh log files which will then allow us to further look into this.

    I appreciate the cooperation and can understand that this is a rather frustrating issue, but with the help of a new report, we should be able to resolve this as quickly as possible.

    Thanks again and let me know as well once you've submitted the report and I'll have a look into it alongside.