Panorama xml file location

  • Our IT department has forced the XML save location for Panoramas to a local drive that is backed up by OneDrive. In one day I've exceeded my OneDrive storage and now I'm getting naughty messages from Microsoft.

    My question. Is it ok to simply delete the XML files? The majority of the panoramas that I'm using with clients have been uploaded to the cloud service Enscape provides. Do I need these local files?

  • JBenny5781 , thanks for your inquiry.

    If you have the panoramas you require uploaded to the cloud, the links/QR codes to the respective panos still stay active and can be accessed after removing the local files. It cannot hurt to make a copy of the local files if you still have the chance though, in case you wish to still save them as an image file later for example.

    I hope that helps and let me know if anything is unclear.