materials library and enscape object (lighting) library

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  • Hi, I have revit 2022 on my computer now, and I think our IT guy has loaded the latest enscape plugin too. Things have moved location and some I can't find at all - the enscape materials library, and enscape object (lighting) library, I cant find anywhere to add general light sources.


    Through Sketchup, I am still able to see and open them both.

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    Sineadks , welcome to our Forum and thanks for your inquiry.

    Please let me know if I am missing something but, the Material/Asset Library can still be accessed through Revit as before:

    Is this not the case on the machines on which our latest release of Enscape (3.3.1) has been installed?

    Be aware that you can now also access the Asset Library through the Enscape window itself:

    For more about that check out our dedicated Knowledgebase article here ("Open Asset Library via Enscape") where you'll learn more about using this to your advantage.

    Finally, lighting, in general, is still placed through Revit as before - We do not offer, for example, light sources through our Enscape objects like in SketchUp since that isn't required as Revit offers lights natively already which we can work with.

    Again, let me know if I am missing something or in case anything is still unclear.