Field of view - more precise numbering and locked to individual view

  • I have a large project with lots of view. Some views I need a wide field of view, some narrow.

    While editing the field of view on a newly created view to 60 degrees, I realised it changed the setting for ALL views. So when I returned to other views, everything was now 60 degrees.

    Fortunately, I opened a backup file and saw that the previous FOV was 59 degrees. No problem, open up the settings and slide it back. But there are smaller increments between 59 and 60 degrees! Had no clue which one was the right one!!

    The problem is, my Photoshop files are set up with very specific masks for colour correction. So a slight change in FOV screws up everything. Can we show more accurate increment numbers in the FOV setting, eg 59.2, 59.5 etc.

  • I also meant to complain about this. I couldn't understand why the views don't match after accidently changing FOV (when is this automatic setting change save nonsense is going to stop). It took me some frustrating time to realize I shouldn't be sliding the bar with the mouse as it's impossible to match it later because of the hidden increments. Now I always type number with keypads. It is sometimes inconvenient, but at least I know I can go back the exact setting by typing the same value #.