Creating a view in enscape does not save field of view

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  • Latest version of enscape (not beta)

    When you create a view in enscape it does not save the field of view in enscape. So when you change your view the field of view sticks and doesnt revert to the one you saved with your view.

    The view is actually written back to sketchup correctly. But switching views is better in esncape as its faster.

    Im actually presumiung the time of day doesnt save as well.

    If this is by design it would Be very helpful to have an option on what aspects can be saved in enscape in the create view (much like sketchup does)


  • The field of view is defined in the image settings, so if you want to save it, you'd need to create a new image setting and link it to your view. But I think the more intuitive behavior would be, as you describe, to FOV it inside the view itself.

    Time of day should be saved, although in Enscape 3.3 you cannot adjust it after the view is created (unless you go through the host application). But it's on the roadmap to be able to change time of day.