Frequent crashing for BIM360 model + Enscape

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    Has anyone else had frequent crashing issues with their BIM360 Revit models? I have had 2 users crashing multiple times throughout the day on the same model - but with different error messages or none at all - and this was the response from 2 different Enscape support team members for both of them. Users were placing assets or had made material changes in Revit and were “resuming” Enscape to update the view after having paused updates. GeForce RTX2080 + RTX 3080 cards with RTX raytracing turned off.

    Based on your responses, I think using BIM360 is the main cause of this issue since Enscape doesn't support these solutions as they will cause crashing, especially when more than one person is working on the Central File. Enscape is designed to be used on a single workstation with all files and components being loaded directly from the hard drive.

    I find this very odd because we’ve been using Enscape with Revit projects on BIM360 for the past 3 years. The only time I remember having issues with Enscape + BIM360 was with Enscape v2.8 back in 2020 causing crashing issues when syncing BIM360 projects. We have many other projects (50+) in BIM360 right now and we are using Enscape with those without issue. Lots of teams work with BIM360 and it’s a bit nuts to ask that we all pull our models down to use Enscape reliably.

    We have never stored our texture images (any content really) on each local workstation because that is not a sustainable workflow for a team of any size, especially when multiple people need to access the same textures to render from the same model.

    Also, more than 1 person is usually working on a workshared Revit file. That is the whole point. If Enscape doesn't work well with models that have multiple team members syncing with central, this is a problem with Enscape for most Revit users.

    Demian Gutberlet any additional thoughts?

  • Hi cholden424,

    Can you please let me know what Revit Version you are currently? We are thinking of upgrading from 2.9 (stable) to 3.4. We have some admins using it and it has been unreliable and testing some of the reported bugs are making us unsure of the upgrade.
    We haven't starting testing our BIM360 projects yet.

    Please see here and let me know your thoughts about the upgrade:
    RE: Enscape 3.0 and Revit Worksharing

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    Revit sync with central requests constant with Enscape open