Materials bug

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  • There seems to be a bug where the materials glitch, and only show its consistent colours, while losing all other aspects, such as normal maps, specularity and roughness. i've manage to solve this by deleting the element and undo the deletion, kinda like refreshing the project element by element, it would be nice to have a material refresher for this kind of problems.

    other suggestions would be the possibility to make lights bigger than 3m, and a option to use layers


    Sketchup 2022

    Enscape 3.3

    thanks :)

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    Hi juaniski99 , I am sorry to hear about this problem - Right away, please ensure that you've installed Enscape 3.3.1 which you can acquire here. It's a smaller update, but please make sure it's installed first nonetheless.

    If that makes no difference may I ask, does this occur in a specific project only perhaps? If you haven't already, please try to see if you can reproduce this in other scenes as well and let me know. :)

    Should it indeed boil down to just a specific project, also let me know whether or not you could share it with me for further troubleshooting purposes.

    It can never hurt in such cases to also receive a feedback report with your logs so that we can check those as well for any errors which may lead to this behavior you experience.

    Thanks a lot!

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