Q: Geometry Loading

  • amendoim , this isn't a simple yes or no question in this case and some part of the loading process is multi-threaded, and some is not. :) May I ask why this is of relevance or is it simply curiosity? Feel free to further specify your question as well of course. In any case, if you experience any problems in that regard let me know.

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet , Thank you for your reply. I work with very large scenes which encompasses interiors + exteriors, lots of Furniture and environment assets. I try to author very light game assets from SpeedTree for vegetation/foliage. I more so want to get an understanding of the geometry loading process, and to know a target polygon count that would be ideal. So far, with experience, I've come to realize anything over 100,000 polygon/tri count will slow down the loading significantly. With experience, I sort of can guess how long the loading process might take. I have many cores in my CPU,. When it is loading texture, it is taking advantage of this, but I wish it was the case with the initial geometry loading as well. I understand DCC softwares are single core when it comes to processing geometry. Maybe this is the limitation, is there any possibility in the future that it can become multi-core?

  • Thank you very much amendoim for the reply. I'll forward all of your comprehensive feedback accordingly to our developers - At the moment I, unfortunately, cannot tell you much more about any plans to further improve upon our loading systems (what would be technically feasible, etc.), but will certainly let you know if anything changes in that regard eventually.

    If any other questions arise regarding this or any other topic, let me know of course anytime.

  • Maybe to extend on that: in our models a significant (probably the vast majority) of the policount and texture load are because of the assets that are placed in the scene.

    Currently when I update something in my CAD (for example move a door), will it also reload all the assets from scratch? If so, would there be a way for Enscape to detect when this is unnecessary? I realize this isn't trivial as updating the view in the CAD could trigger certain assets to show up/hide. But perhaps there's an option to skip reloading (part of) the buffers at least?