Variable Time of Day in animation Problem - Preview

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  • Hi

    If I set a variable time of day in an animation, Enscape shows me a correct preview but the final render animation process is very slow and has a wrong exposure.

    I tried with manual and auto exposure and the result is the same.

    If I don't change the hour of day bethween the keyframes, all goes fast and correct


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    Hey happymilk , I'm yet unable to reproduce this problem. Could you please hit "Save Path" in the Enscape context menu and send me the corresponding .xml Video Path file for reproducing purposes? Further, is there any chance you could share a exported video so that we can have a look at the wrong exposure behaviour?

    That would be very helpful. Thank you in advance! :)

  • Hi Demian

    Excuse me. I tried again to render the same project and I could not reproduce the issue I had mentioned.
    (maybe I did not have restart Sketchup after upgrade installation).

    Anyway, the "thing" about render time if I use time variation between two keyframes is still remained.

    It is not necessarely a bug, but I hope you'll obtnain a drastic diminiution of render time. For now in my test scene the ratio between the two version (no time variation / time variation) is 1:20.

    Thank you and sorry for the first mistake