Design Option Sets to be Included in Batch Rendering

  • I made rendering packages for clients that look a lot like this. When I staple the views into a PDF there's some manual work that could be automated. Currently I'm spending a lot of time re-ordering images doing extra clicking.

    See my proposed mock up below that I think would be beneficial.

    This would:

    1. Allow the user to save multiple views to a single view set for later use.

    2. Allow the user to run design options variations in a single batch render operation.

    3. Allow PDFs to be automatically collated per their filenaming mode (assuming that their PDF stapler uses alphanumeric ordering). This can be tedious if there's a lot of similar images that need to be manually re-sorted.


    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot for the mockup and feedback in general - I appreciate the time you took to share your input with us and I've forwarded everything to product management directly as well.