VR occulus quest 2 no sounds

  • We have bought the quest 2 for our VR experience and it is amazing (with DLSS turned off).

    For an even more immersed experience, i want to use the sound source elements.

    When using the SSE (sound source elements), and i enable them in the settings.
    The sounds are played on the laptop running Enscape,.. but they are not pushed to the headphones of the Quest.

    Does anyone know how to solve this, because i really love the build in headphones of the quest.. you hear the sounds perfect but the surrounding does not hear much.

    using virtual desktop streamer to push to the goggles

  • Arno , thanks for your inquiry.

    Please right away check the following settings in the Virtual Desktop streamer app:

    Just to make sure, also check if the Quest 2's audio output has not been turned down substantially too.

    On top of that, make sure that "Use virtual audio driver" is enabled, but if it was and you could still not hear anything through the Quest, also try disabling it instead (doing so seemed to help some other users):

    If none of this does the trick please let me know.