Linear light / cove light / hidden LED stripe light effect issue

  • Hi to the Enscape community. I'm having a problem with ceiling cove lighting effect, using the latest version 3.3.

    I have tried to use rectangular light which give me the more ideal effect, but they broke up, as the attached image shows. I was able to fix the issue by reducing the length, but it only worked for that scene/project. When I was working on another project with similar light cove situation, the same method didn't work (same broken light effect showed).

    I have also tried to used the line light, but it cast really sharp shadow lines, which isn't what I'm looking for.

    I have also tried self-light-emitting object, but I had to do more work to hide the object and the light effect wasn't real.

    I did some research on the web and noticed that this has been an issue, but I wasn't able to find a reliable solution of creating a linear light that mimics a long LED stripe light effect.

    I have used other rendering softwares in the past and recently decided to change to Enscape for its ease of use, but now this product seems to be unfinished and have bugs in it. Please change my mind if you can because I don't want to regret spending time and money on it.

    Thanks in advance for any reply or help.

  • XKillsMe - thanks for your report and welcome to our Forum.

    Right away it may help if you increase the thickness of the walls on which the light is being cast - On top of that, increasing the brightness of those lights can also assist in achieving more uniform results in this case. (You can do so via the "Artificial Light Brightness" slider too via the Atmoshphere tab in the Visual Settings)

    Make sure to also use the maximum length available for each rectangular light, if you did not yet, the fewer lights the better so to speak for optimization reasons, although you should not run into this behavior due to that alone.

    If trying the above does not yield the results you desire, is there may be a chance you could send me this particular scene of yours? I've re-built it myself but am yet unable to reproduce this particular problem - You can transfer the scene via and post the link to it here. Thank you in advance.

  • Demian Gutberlet , thanks for replying.

    The image I attached is from a test scene. I just started using Enscape and I created various test scenes trying to understand the software. But unfortunately I just deleted that scene. I will send it once I'm able to create another one.

    After some tests, I found that if I reduce the length of the rectangle lights and line them up, I can get the cove light result I want. Same if I used line light, but I prefer the results from rect lights. I also found that if I increase the width of my rect lights, meaning that they are not as skinny or linear-like, I don't have to reduce the length as much. My current conclusion is that rectangular light is an area light, if I make it too much like a line light, it will not work properly.

  • Thanks for your reply XKillsMe , and I am glad to hear you've found a way that works for you now - Should you still run into any other unwanted behavior in the future, just let me know, or in case any questions come up regarding Enscape generally.