Will Enscape work with Live Home 3D?

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    I need to be able to send clients a web link to do a 3d walkthrough of their house designs. I was able to do this on Roomsketcher, but, the options on Room Sketcher were so limited that I couldn't even draw in roofs or facades. Ive now learned to use Live Home 3D and I'm super happy with it, but it doesn't offer the option to send clients a link to walk through their home unless they download the Live Home 3D program which is a bit fiddly! I'm trying to avoid learning Sketchup as I am expecting that to be hugely time-consuming. Is there any chance Enscape works with Live Home 3D? I know I can import Collada files into Live Home 3D so I assume thats what it uses, but I can't see how to export Collada files so I am not 100% sure. All advice is appreciated! If Enscape isn't compatible with Live Home 3D, what program that it is compatible with would be the fastest to learn?

    Thanks heaps.

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    visualfloorplans , we do not support Live Home 3D I am afraid - What we do offer as well are Web Standalones that can be run on a machine that does not meet our system requirements, but you'd want to, you could also send those who clients who support our requirements a generated .exe standalone instead which is quality wise on a higher level.

    Also, I am unfortunately not really aware of any software like Live Home 3D which would be better or such, I can only tell you that SketchUp, in this case, can take a bit to learn but ultimately it offers you more freedom and higher quality output. Check out our showcase section here for some examples if you like, most of them were created using SketchUp + Enscape.

    Just for your information. :) If any other questions come up, let me know.