Horizon preset

  • Hello,

    I used to amend the existing images in the C:\Program Files\Enscape\SystemData\Textures\Horizons but with the latest update, the images aren't showing up now in the settings.. I cannot chose any others than the standard ones..

    I imagine there is something in the pipeline, but this was super usefull instead of finding the right skybox

    Let me know


  • Hey gautier , you should still be able to use your own custom horizons. In this case, could you check if Enscape has been installed to a different directory after the update?

    You may want to just re-run our latest installer and make sure to either note the destination folder, or change it to something else:

    For example, after running our installer, to update to 2.3.3, I've installed Enscape to "C:\Enscape", so the direction of my Horizons is now "C:\Enscape\SystemData\Textures\Horizons". Before that, it was "C:\Program Files\Enscape\SystemData\Textures\Horizons" as well.

    Please let me know in case this doesn't resolve your issue at hand. :)

  • Hey gautier , glad to hear that. :)

    Regarding the "drop down menu", I suppose you'd like the ability to freely select any custom Horizon, like possible with Skyboxes through the little folder icon right next to "Load Skybox From File"?

    If yes, please let me know and I'll gladly file a feature request to allow you to freely pick a custom Horizon from any directory. :)

  • That would be ideal! but I guess it's okay for now if there is more urgent dev priorities


    Also random question, I was trying something in Rhino with the grass element, I think it's probably more a Rhino material thing, but I thought maybe I could use different layer maps transparency to have different grass height at different areas, it sorts of work, but flicker during animation and not really working as I guess the grass is applied onto a surface and not through a texture map, I also imagine that there is something in the work for the grass height, type etc.. but just in case, this would be quite useful if somehow the grass was reacting to transparency maps.

    Anyway Thanks for the rest again.

  • Demian Gutberlet

    Regarding the ability to select a horizon file with a browse button... YES, PLEASE!

    I thought this already had been requested?

    Currently one has to close both enscape and sketchup, and then restart both. Considering that the load time for Enscape can be over 10 minutes in some cases, Sketchup can also take quite a while itself depending on number of plugins.

    Being able to create or download a new horizon file and select that file while Enscape is running would be VERY convenient.


  • First off, we already have a topic on our agenda to allow for an easy way to import your own horizon files through our Enscape settings. Through the voice of gautier I was able to add a further upvote, renderwiz , your upvote hasn't been forgotten. Sorry for any confusion. :)

    Now, gautier , regarding your wish to have grass react to transparency maps, this is actually a good idea. In that case, the "Environment" import functionality of Rhino (which is currently unused by Enscape) could be used to import transparency maps to be solely employed for the corresponding grass rendering.

    Although, please be aware that you can also make use of our two new grass keywords "Wild Grass" and "Tall Grass" to get a different grass rendering output. These keywords are only support in our latest preview so far.

    To install our latest preview:

    -> Head into the about window by clicking the About button -> Click Visit download area -> Click on the hyperlink right in the first sentence below our Download button -> Now that you're on our preview page, just click Download -> You now have our latest preview which you can simply install, as it will overwrite your existing (latest) release.

    In case you'd still like to see the "Grass reacting to a transparency map" functionality implemented, kindly let me know and I'll happily file it as a dedicated feature request! :)

  • Initially I thought that the previous idea of defining the height of grass with a bump map would serve the same function (zero height = no grass), but if you have things like grass growing around the edges of paving slabs then having an overlay transparency is actually a really good idea (Although Z-fighting of the underlying "grass" texture might be an issue)

  • Thanks Demian for the upvote!

    Yep used the different grass height in the test images ( hence the different patches on the stacked planes on the left)

    It would be great if this could be added to a dedicated feature as I have the feeling Rhino isn't the best suited textures setting wise.

    Ideally we would have 2 slots : one for transparency and one for height (bump map as Gadget rightly mentioned), but that's obviously a complicated thing..

    Could environment be used for the height and transparency as what it should be for transparency? So we could both controlled height and areas

    Obviously I understand how complicated all those things are to implement.. anyway again thanks for all the listening for the feedback!

  • Hey gautier , pardon, what do you mean by "as what it should be for transparency?" ?

    The transparency map which could be imported in the "environment" slot, would be responsible for both the height and area of the Grass at hand. There shouldn't be any need to make use of another transparency or bump slot for Grass and this would also be more complicated to implement, but please let me know if you still like to see this feature as well, or instead.

    If something is unclear, or in case you want to add anything, please kindly let me know, otherwise I'll gladly file the proposed initial feature request. :)