Weird Spots in night lighting

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    Hi, I'm new to Enscape. I would like to fix the attached night scene created in Revit. Tried to play with the exposure and quality. I have a nvidia 1660 ti GPU. Any suggestions.

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    When lighting up a scene, make sure to use actual lights and not just emissive / self-illuminating materials, which seems to be the case here. You could for example place more lights, turn up the brightness of your existing lights, and/or reduce the brightness of your emissive materials - Doing so should also get rid of the noise.

    Let me know if anything is unclear or if further questions come up.

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    Thank yo very much Demian, it worked well. The point is I just used the lights provided in the asset browser. In this Image I applied what you said, it is ok but i still have some noise on the walls any suggestions!

    Thanks for your reply. Please be aware that the provided lights in our Asset Library do not include any viable light sources themselves, so we indeed highly recommend adding additional sources to them or any other place in your scene of course as you've seem to done.

    Furthermore, some residual noise is normal still when navigating the scene, which should clear up for the most part when standing still (make sure you have Restmode enabled as well "General Settings" -> "Rendering" tab) and when taking a rendering.

    Since the noise is still a bit visible in your rendering though I recommend simply increasing the brightness of the scene just a touch more through the "Artificial Light Brightness" slider for example which you find in the "Atmosphere" tab of the Visual Settings.

    Instead/additionally you may also want to add light sources to the other light assets you've also placed down around your project.

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    Thank you very much Demian, It helped a lot increasing the rendering quality.

    Is there any learning resources do you recommend !

    Indeed, there are a few resources I can recommend, like the following:


    Tips, Tricks & Tutorials section in this Forum: Tips, Tricks & Tutorials


    And last but not least, especially if you're a beginner, our YouTube channel with tutorial videos: