Enscape for Revit on MAC

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  • Hello,

    What are the plans for Enscape for MAC in Revit? Is it in the works?
    Is there a way to get notified when it will come out?

    No ETA just yet but you can check out this page here for more updates and/or sign up for our newsletter through the form you can find at the bottom. This way you'll also be notified once major updates are released.

  • I have a Macbook Pro M1 Max, so does that mean that when Enscape for Revit Mac is released it still won't work when I run Revit through Parallells?

    If so, I won't be extending my license since there is no way for me to use Enscape in Revit on my Mac. Bootcamp doesn't work on M1.


    Demian Gutberlet · Jun 28th 2022, 10:58 am

    (Quote from basstudio)

    My apologies, I realized again that Revit does not have a native solution for Mac, so there is also no support we could offer for it.

    Revit only runs on Windows operating-based systems, but if your system supports it you may also want to check out Bootcamp for example (and this article here), which could allow you to make use of Revit + Enscape inside of Windows.

  • Parallels simply does not support Enscape I am afraid, or any/many other 3D applications of similar type - We wish that we could do something here as a workaround but our hands are unfortunately tied.

  • There are a few RVT to SKP converters out there that export materials. This is the only way that I'm aware of currently. It is surprising that AutoDesk hasn't considered a mac version of Revit, when some of their products are..