Give multiple team members access to same web folder for uploading/sharing renders, generate user accounts by exel sheet

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  • So my proposal is that it should be possible to generate user accounts for multiple people by an excel spreadsheet upload. These user accounts should be under the company umbrella and one should be able to generate project specific folders into which renders can be uploaded and shared with team members/clients including an menu in the web upload functionality that specifies into which folder things should go. Sounds maybe more cumbersome then it is, and would be great to have .

    I work in an office with 50 people and we often use the QR code functionalities as well as sharing web standalones and 360 renders with clients.

    For now it seems like everything that is generated and uploaded is bound to the individual user. In our case meaning that if a team member gets sick or quits someone else can not access the potentially already generated render to share it/update etc.

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    Thank you olafkon , I will forward your feedback accordingly.