Hello, i want to know this laptop is enough to run enscape.

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  • First, sorry for my bad english. Im not from angloshpere.

    I am going to buy a laptop from lenovo and its name is gaming3.

    Its laptop spec is r5-5600h cpu, rtx3060 gpu, 256gb ssd, and 8gb ram.

    I searched system requirements of enscape and there were no required ram and storage capacity.

    Is gaming 3 laptop enough to run enscape or should i add some rams and ssds to run enscape?

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for your post and welcome to our Forum.

    8GB of RAM suffices for most projects, for larger scenes, we do recommend 16GB and beyond though - When it comes to the 256GB SSD itself, Enscape only needs a fraction of that, but be aware that this space can fill up quite quickly since the operating system itself takes a portion of the space already alongside the CAD software, projects, materials, etc. - It does add up quickly.

    If you have the budget and chance, I would recommend going with a laptop that has at least 512GB of SSD storage, or one where you can add additional space later on, and 16GB of RAM if possible, but it isn't a must depending on your scenes. Again, for larger scenes I recommend going with 16GB or beyond, otherwise, 8GB will be mostly okay.

    Summed up, the system is fine if you work with medium-sized projects (usually you should also be able to upgrade RAM/SSD later on depending on the model) and if you don't plan on using VR or working with any larger scenes anytime soon.