Hidden Component Showing Bug

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  • Hello, we have a dynamic window component and inside is a hidden component. For whatever reason, Enscape sees that component at various times even though it is hidden inside the component. Also, without closing the model or restarting Enscape, the hidden component will suddenly become "hidden" again and behave normal. Any thoughts on why this happening?

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    Thanks for the report jnurnberger , I've tried to reproduce this behavior myself but am yet unable to do so, at least using our latest release or preview so please also make sure you have either installed.

    I reckon this behavior still occurs in any scene/project of yours too? If possible, could you maybe briefly upload just that part of the scene through a safe upload link I'd provide (let me know and you'll receive a DM)? Then I can troubleshoot this directly on my machine too.

    Should that not be possible at all, feel free to also submit us a Feedback report at least alongside and we can check the log files too for any particular issues.

  • Thanks Demian Gutberlet Its such a weird bug because it only happens to certain users, it's difficult to reproduce, and it goes away on its own randomly.

    My colleague submitted a feedback report so hopefully that will help get to the bottom of this issue.

    The component (below) that is showing up is hidden, but I do not know why Enscape sees it at random times. I can send you the full model if you want to take a look at it as well.

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    Receiving the full model can't hurt - I'll send you a DM with further instructions as well.