Auto exposure lock

  • When I use a digital camera I can point at an area and half-depress the shutter button to 'lock' the auto exposure; Can a similar toggle be used for Enscape? (Hot key?)

    I find that when I'm navigating and the sky comes into view, the auto-exposure darkens to compensate (as you would expect) and the detail of what I'm focusing on goes too dark to see properly. I suppose if there was a slider to adjust the amount of influence the sky has in the image then a "lock" wouldn't be necessary. Perhaps a % of the sky visible on-screen before it is included in the calculations?

  • That's a good point, we actually already implemented that for our white-mode, where the sky is completely white - hence no impact on auto exposure. We tried to use this behavior for default auto exposure, but it lead to unintuitive behavior. Making it an optional checkbox might be useful. Thank you!