Revit - Sketchup interchangeability

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  • Hi,

    I had a question about interchangeability between softwares for the 3d base models.

    1. We have a client sending us a model made in Revit and rendered in Enscape. We have been tasked to provide additions to the model (landscaping, external design) but we only use Sketchup. Would we be able to input our landscape elements and have it recognized in Revit once we return the model to the client?

    2. Would the Revit model contain the enscape texturing modifications if we run it on Enscape on our end?


  • Hello ianicus ,

    exchanging models between different BIM/CAD applications is a topic on it's own, as they all have there own ways to define geometry. There are several apps and descriptions that help with these tasks. Besides that the definition of materials and light sources are different in Revit and Sketchup (e.g. Sketchup only exports / imports Albedo/Diffuse maps and so materials turn out to be quite different when rendering the same model through different design applications).

    However, to achieve similar results within Enscape for Revit and SketchUp you can export the material packages through Enscape and import these packages via Enscape into the other design application. You might need to do this for any Custom Assets you might have as well. For more information on importing and exporting materials, you can refer to this Article. Enscape Assets and lights have to be replaced manually as well, as they lose their properties while getting exported.

    Hope this helps :)