Video editor requests

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  • would it be possible to add the ability to slide the keyframes in the video editor. having used premier and after affects a good deal, it helps to be able to adjust keyframes with a mouse. at the moment the keyframe editing is a bit fiddly since both the total duration and the timestamps for keyframes effect the position of each other. i think it would help to just be able to slide the keyframes around and adjust the last keyframe with the total duration.

  • Bumping this topic.

    1. Ability to slide keyframes

    2. Ability to "scale" timeline so one can zoom in or out

    3. Fix issue with adding keyframe between existing keyframes if they are too close (if issue 2 happens, issue 3 will be taken care of by zooming in)

    4. Ability to set interpolation mode, linear vs. bezier

    5. A nice feature would be to give a keyframe an amount of time like 3 seconds to pause of a still view before moving on

  • I think, for me, the biggest problem is that while creating a video that, as far as I know, you can't edit the PATH of the camera. Yes, I know in the tutorial you state that if you "run into walls of furniture" between keyframes just add a new keyframe and remove or move the keyframe. The problem with that is if you like the location of the particular keyframe as a "still image", if you move that keyframe, then will change the static image. Most other "real-time renders" do not work this way, not Lumion, not Twinmotion, not D5(Dimension 5). Your company has put a lot of energy in the live update in REVIT but making a professional video cannot be done without a proper video editor or a way to edit the path of the camera. This is a 3d environment, you can do that with any other real-time-renders (RTR) I mentioned here. This software does act as great way to synchronize the rendered image quickly with REVIT but, after using REVIT and other rendering packages for over 5 years. At this point it is still in it's infancy stage. I will say that this software and it's plugin has come a long way from version 2.8 when I first tried it. Also note that not everyone has a VR headset and if you need to send someone a simple mp4, It's seems, unfortunately, like this is an afterthought, still. Thank you. My Trial Movie.mp4

  • " far as I know, you can't edit the PATH of the camera."

    Editing the keyframe path is done by editing the keyframes along the path - in first person. Please post the kind of camera control that you're trying to accomplish.

  • " can't edit the PATH of the camera"

    I understand that to mean he would like to be able to affect the trajectory into and out of a keyframe. Very much like one edits a bezier spline in almost any animation package, or video editor, to affect timing with any amount of control.

    Currently the only limited way to attempt to control this is by adding keyframes before and after which does not work well... especially since we have no way easily time keyframes.