Enscape running as an Intel build

  • Hi, I'm seeing that Enscape is running as an Intel build in the system report. Are there any plans for it to be written for Apple silicon so that it doesn't have to be translated for M1 macs moving forward? Hoping this is the case in a future release as SketchUp has now released 2022 as an M1 native build.


  • Of course. In this meantime this offers greater compatibility and time to market.

    Hmmh !?

    I think the goal is a universal binary that will run on Intel Macs as well as installing

    a native (and optimized !) ARM Version on M1/2 Macs.

    And as Intel Macs are in fact really outdated already (prices for used models)

    I wouldn't mind (or honestly expected) that Enscape just focuses on

    an Apple ARM only App.

    Honestly, I am a bit shocked to read that Enscape Beta only runs via Rosetta2.