Educational Licensing

  • How about something similar to Adobe products where the software can be used almost anywhere - by confirming eligibility via a text message/phone app?

    Each year we have problems with licences because we need to share the group educational license with our students in the lab. If a member of staff adds the license to a PC then only that specific member of staff can access Enscape on that particular PC. It's a bit of a nightmare TBH.

  • FHull , thanks for your feedback and I am sorry to hear about the frustration. I'll certainly forward your voice accordingly, and I do appreciate the input. It may not be an alternative, but we also offer floating educational licenses for a much lower fee compared to an actual subscription, with the main benefits being kept of course. If you wish to know more, just contact

    Just so you are aware that this is an option, again, your feedback has still been forwarded of course.