Self-Illuminated Material Pixelation

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  • Experiencing an issue lately in which certain self-illuminated materials are becoming highly pixelated.

    The problem seems to be with jpg textures that have fairly strong RGB values.

    Images that are more muted or 100% desaturated aren't exhibiting the problem.

    Textures are RGB 8-bit jpgs.

    Using png files does not help.

    Changing to CMYK does reduce the severity, but there's still issues.

    I'm running an RTX8000

    NVIDIA driver up to date: 516.59
    Enscape version: 3.3.1 +75071

    I'm probably going to roll-back my NVIDIA driver to see if that helps.

    Anyone else having any issues?

  • Attaching the SketchUp File. Thanks Adam.

    Just tried the latest version 3.3.2+82281. Same problem.

    Tested on a basic Dell laptop that's running Enscape version: 3.3.1 +75071 and a standard, NON-RTX card. Same problem.

    Rolling back the NVIDIA driver did nothing.

    Testing previous Enscape versions now.

  • Also, running SketchUp 21.1.332.

    This happens to all of my jpg files, BTW, that have intense RGB values. I've used these same textures on dozens upon dozens of projects, and never had a problem until now.

  • Okay, rolled back to Enscape version 3.2.0+65063 and the problem was fixed.

    I've now cross-checked on two other computers running vastly different graphics cards/drivers/versions and this appears to be a bug.

    Adam, find anything interesting?

    EDIT: Just reinstalled the latest NVIDIA driver (516.59) and everything still works.

  • Any thoughts from Enscape folks on this? A fellow Enscape user confirmed the issue (in addition to Adam in this thread) running on a laptop with an RTX3000 and using the latest version. Clearly a bug.

  • Same problem here, all the most saturated pixels clip into total black. It seems to be an issue since the more recent versions of Enscape/Sketchup 2022.

    The only workaround I have found is lowering the saturation of the image manually in PS by about 10-20%. No more clipping.

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    landrvr1 , Tim Meyer , thank you for the report.

    This behavior should be resolved in both our release and preview version of Enscape.

    Tim Meyer , you mentioned that you experienced this in "more recent versions", but if you haven't used 3.4 yet (linked above) please give it a try as well.

    Thank you both in advance again and let me know if you still run into any quirks.