Anyone have a better fix for fire?

  • Indoor fireplaces are one thing. But I'm struggling to create a desirable fire texture in open space. Mostly in fire pit. Being in the landscape industry, this and fire bowls are in almost every render I do, but I have not been able to create something I'm happy with. Especially in bird's eye views.

    Right now, I bring in a cutout texture, set it to self illuminating, and play with the setting a bit. At certain angle you can still see the "ghost" of the cutout and overall just doesn't look convincing. And then it really is at a loss the moment you raise the angle of the camera.

    I'm attaching some quick renderings of a back patio below. Any suggestions on a better solution? TIA

  • I find having a bunch of smaller flame elements and then scattering them along a thin path makes for a somewhat better result. Think of it almost like a grass scatter instead of a plane. It still doesnt work at every angle, but its a little better.

  • Thanks for the advice! Are you using these as a "face me" component? Or just setting a random rotation with the Skatter tool?