Roll on camera options

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  • I am really enjoying having sun control outside of my 3D modeling environment in the Enscape scenes, thank you for that add, as well as camera position readouts.

    It would be really cool if a "Roll" parameter could be added to the camera orientation, since not every shot wants to be in landscape, sometimes you just need a portrait image. Sure, we can render out our stills in landscape and crop down, but that really loses a ton of pixel density for the final image if it is zoomed to the same level as full landscape images. Also, might be cool to do some videos in portrait mode, just to simulate what most people do with their phones and take portrait style video instead of landscape. You could argue that landscape is always better, but if I were to share a video I rendered to a social site, usually the ideal format is portrait.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    Thank you for the inquiry joshtays .

    Please feel free to forward your feedback directly to product management using our dedicated voting portal.

    Also, I'm pretty sure you are aware already, but just in case you are not: You can of course also always set up your own custom resolution via the Visual Settings -> Output tab. This means that there should be no cropping or rotating necessary after exporting a rendering. If I am missing something let me know of course.

  • Thanks Demian,

    Totally aware of the custom resolution settings in the output section, and I agree it's a vaild work around. I have completely avoided doing that specifically so I could keep from having to do a ton of manual settings, but in the end, it's probably worth the extra time in that department until something fast comes along.