3d assets - Ok for Commercial Use?

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  • Hi -

    One of my clients would like to use some renders I made for them in a public press release, but they have some reservations about whether its ok to use the likenesses of the people from the Asset Library. Can anyone point me to where it says that the assets are ok for commercial/advertising use? I need to show them something directly from Enscape.

    That's what this software was made for, right?

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  • End User License Agreement

    May find it here. But in general, if you own a license, you have the copyright of anything you produced during that time, including assets provided with the software. There's a line in the EULA that states you have copyright of the software during your licensed period and this would include any assets shipped with the software. Even if you discontinued the license at the end of your terms, the copyright is still protected since you created under a licensed time period, to my understanding.

    You just don't have the right to sell the software or assets themselves.

  • Yeah, I've read through that and there is no specific mention. I need someone from Enscape to verify that the assets are all allowed to be used for commercial and advertising purposes.

    I know that many of the 3D models are sourced from RenderPeople, Human Alloy and Humano - all of their sites make it clear that they can be used. Why isn't this in the text of the Enscape site somewhere?

  • Right. But you aren't selling the 3d models or the likeness. You're selling an images that you composed of assets you have the copyright to use.

    Just like if graphic designers and devs using sites like envato or stock photos. You're not selling the persons likeness and if you're not giving them the model they can't access unlicensed content.

    So you should be fine.

  • Bradleyswork you are taking the right approach. When it comes to legal matters you should always ask to see where in the fine print it says that, and then read it for yourself. You should not assume that because it seems logical, or a standard elsewhere, that it will be honored here. This agreement is between you and Enscape and it may be unique. I would write support directly about this and ask where in the EULA this is covered.

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    renderwiz Thank you. I agree. Frankly, my client isn't interested in taking my word for it. They would like to see where the folks on the Enscape team spell it out. I have contacted support.

    Where is Demian Gutberlet when you need him? haha

    I was unfortunately out of office during that time, but I can see you also already received a reply back from support.

    For anyone stumbling on this thread asking the same question:

    "In general any exports you create which contain images of Enscape Assets (i.e. renderings, videos, executable/web standalones/panoramas) are yours to do with what you wish. This includes your right to sell these exports.

    It is not permitted to redistribute or sell the actual 3D model files of the Assets, as detailed in section 3 of our End User License Agreement."