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  • I'm trying to render but the drop down menu makes no sense.

    I upload my maps.. and it only lets me use one. It just keeps the most recent one uploaded. This makes no sense to me.

    Does enscape only let you use one map?? I guess I have to choose which map I want to use. There is no tutorial/technical support/FAQ/instructions for this however simple it may look.

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    Welcome to our Forum xosira , and thanks for your inquiry.

    Right away, you can check out our dedicated knowledgebase article regarding SketchUp materials here:


    At the moment it is indeed only possible to import one of the three types of available height maps. If you like, please feel free to forward your inquiry as a feature request to product management directly using our portal when it comes to being able to have multiple applied at once.

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    Thank you Demian Gutberlet ! So what this page is telling me is that I cannot use bump, displacement, and normal map at the same time. I've been trying to figure this out for months now.

    I'm afraid so yes. Feel free to forward your wish though as detailed of course. :)

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    Generally you'd only use either a bump or normal map

    • Bump Map is the most simple and most old fashioned
    • Normal Map is the most commonly used one , but there is a limit to how much apparent depth you can achieve . These are usual for more coarse textures or less deep grooves

    • Displacement Maps can give you a greater appearence of Depth, but are more expensive to use.

    Ideally you want to combined Normal and Displacement maps for the best result :

    There are techniques to combine a normal map and a displacement map just here

    RE: Bump and displacement map

  • For me always it was:

    - At the beginning there was a Bump .. If You have nothing better

    - Then came the Displacement which is nice cos it cost nicely the engine

    - and then came the Normal to make it affordable for those without newest Graphics

    I never thought of using all of them in the same time.. Even Blender with its complicated nodes doesn't. I mean You can use all and combine them but in the end single combined map is used and it is as expensive and as accurate as single DISP would be..