My Panoramas; slow to load

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  • Gadget We check your panorama folder for available XML files and display them afterwards.

    The more you have the longer it takes. You could fasten it up by updating CPU and RAM.

    We'll check if there's an faster solution.

  • Once it's loaded it's relatively quick (~2 seconds of this screen - had to be quick to catch a screen-shot). The first time is when it takes a long time... always a bit of panic and I think "Where has it all gone? is it going to load? Or crash?"

  • When starting for the first time, Enscape needs to open every panorama file and read the first few bytes of it. Somehow this takes quite some time. For subsequent starts your filesystem has cached all the necessary data and reading is very quick. We can try to improve performance, but I'm not sure yet on what level the performance is lost (hardware, OS, Enscape).

  • (Personally I can't understand why every panorama is saved(/loaded) from every model ever created? Remove that and it will be waaaay faster ;) )

    Unless the project/model name is encoded into the file/directory name (which is not the case at the moment), the file has to be read to know whether it's from the matching project.

  • ..."which is not the case at the moment"... :thumbsup:

    Another argument for finding a way to tag a scene as a 'panorama'

    ... But while they are saved as they are, it would be handy to have the [fly to panorama position] button work for any model - sure, for most it's irrelevant and would put you in a strange location, but for those models that are saved as a revision (with a different file name) it would be an accurate way to replicate the panorama.

    Actually this would be handy for all/any scenes; just now you can duplicate scenes by using the [video editor] to create a camera key-frame at each scene, exporting the resulting path and importing it to another model, then creating a scene from each key-frame. Having an easier way to import selected scenes directly from one model into another would be cool. (... and another argument for making scenes, keyframes and panoramas interchangeable :saint:)

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    Hey Gadget , I'll happily file a feature request corresponding to your wishes. Is there anything you still want to add to that? Any further details are of course appreciated. :)

  • Under this topic, not that I can think on just now ;) -

    - Save panoramas, scenes and keyframes the same way, (externally).

    - Import these into the current model from another (previously saved) one.

    Actually as someone else suggested, an external package to view all the panoramas without opening the primary package would be nice... but not just for panoramas; for all the scenes and keyframes too. (And the option to launch the model from within it too.) If they have been exported, then it would be nice to include a shortcut to the (local) location of the exported image too.

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    Thanks Gadget , so to sum it up, you want scenes/views, key-frames and panoramas all saved up into one package which can exported, and freely imported again? :) This would all happen inside a browser (like available for our panoramas, but instead it's "packages") in Enscape, correct? ;) Let me know if I missed something.

  • The current keyframes are camera locations that can be exported and the current panoramas save their location and there is a list of favorite scenes... just need to pull them all together. ("just" ;) )

    Making it look like the current "Manage uploads" would work, but I would be only looking to import specific locations - not import all the locations within a 'package'.

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    I'll file your request accordingly, thanks Gadget. ;)