BricsCAD BIM V22

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  • Hi,

    Quick question... Does Enscape work with BricsCAD BIM V22?

    I found information that it works with older versions, but I don't know if the support has continued?


  • Rick Marx

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  • So far Bricsys has licensed Enscape to offer it as an own subscription

    plugin inside Bricscad.

    But just the RT Renderer only. No libraries, material settings and such

    Which isn't that good if you also user other Software, which would

    all work with a single universal from Enscape.

    I have not heard so far that Bricscad's Enscape Plugin would get


    But it would free the way for a full feature Plugin provided byEnscape.

    Will look into it.

  • Hi Cvrle

    As zoomer mentioned, this is indeed it's own subscription form as seen in our blog post here.

    As seen in the post:

    "For more information on how to get started with BricsCAD and Enscape, and for customer service-related questions, please contact BricsCAD directly."

    Additionally, you can always find our supported CAD program's on our System Requirements page.

  • I see that so far the Enscape for Bricscad plugin is still available for V22.

    We will see if something changes for V23 in a few months.

    a) I hadn't time to ever test the trial and

    b) I work on macOS

    I wasn't that exciting when the plugin was released as it was the renderer

    only. And Bricscad so far has very simple 90ies style and tedious Material

    System only.

    But I followed a few forum threads from the Bricscad Help System which

    was linked in that Enscape Blog Post and saw that there are, except Material

    and Library options, still the whole Render Settings including Physical Sky.

    So more that I thought.

    Maybe I should finally test the trial on PC.

    OK, just controlling Materials from Bricscad by compatible naming to get

    any arbitrary Grass or Water Material from Enscape doesn't look very exciting.

    But if Bricscad will also get a macOS version at one time or even the full

    Enscape, it could be worth it.

  • BTW,

    is there some List for Enscape's Material Replacement "Naming Scheme" anywhere ?

    Bricscad Help only mentions Grass and Water.

    But I am pretty sure I have seen Exchange reacting also to things like Metal and such.

    While I sometimes may use english Layer naming,

    for Materials I somehow prefer German Names.

    So Enscape may not find my "Gras" when it is triggered only by "Grass" and such.

    So if I need to adapt my "Office Standard", maybe at one point, for Layer or Material Naming,

    I would like to do it right

  • thanks for the answer!

    another question... I have an Enscape license that I use for Revit and ArchiCAD, is it possible to use the same one for BricsCAD?

    Currently it gives me an error during activation :/

  • I don't think so as it looks like Bricscad is using a more limited Enscape

    Version and sells it as its own Plugin (also Subscription only)

    But I would be happy to hear that the overall license would work for

    Bricscad's PlugIn too anyway.

    Meanwhile I installed it on Bricscad V22 for a trial period and it works.