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  • Our firm is ready to go all in on VR and purchase a headset to explore models both internally and with clients. We primarily use sketchup and Revit, with a pinch of Rhino in the office. I was able to get my "unsupported" quest 2 running thanks to this forum, and brought it in to share capabilities with staff and to make this decision, but we aren't necessarily sold on the quest as our headset. First, its a bit weird to require a facebook login to equipment that will be accessible firm wide. Secondly, I understand the quest to be the first headset that is independent of a computer, which doesn't seem to be advantageous in this instance.

    Users, if you have tried multiple headsets, what is your favorite and why? If you have one, what do you like or dislike about it?

    Enscape, when will the quest 2 be officially supported? Is there a headset you find works best internally or from user commentary?

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    Valve Index is my choice for general use. It has the most/easiest adjustability (good for handing around to multiple users.) You'll probably want to pair it with Vive paddles for ease of use rather than controllers it comes with. Good resolution without being over demanding on hardware. Works with just Steam installed; no additional 3rd party Facebook/Vive Portal/Windows Mixed Reality software needed.

    Downside is that it gets a bit expensive; Valve has only been selling the full kits (Headset, sensors, controllers) lately. You can piece it together through eBay or Amazon. You'd want the Index headset, along with [V2 Lighthouse/sensors (more rounded front) + Vive 2 controllers (blue)] - OR - [V1 Lighthouse/sensors (more square front) + Vive 1 controllers (grey)]

    If you want to go cheaper, I'd choose the HP Reverb G2. It is based on the Index; just a bit of a step down in adjustability/fit. Requires the additional layer of Windows Mixed Reality on top of Steam, but it works fine. Inside-out tracking, so no external sensors required, which is nice if you want to pass it around the office to multiple PCs, Just keep in mind the hardware requirements; most user workstations are not going to be spec'd for VR.