Rhino: little wish for the update button

  • Hi,

    could this lines be added to the RMB function of the Update button please?



    It's quite useful to complete disable the Rhino-Enscape connection for modelling sometimes. Maybe this little functionality is useful for everybody. (Every new installation reset my adjusted toolbar so maybe it could be implement to the standard toolbar.)



  • Micha Rhino's toolbar system is a little weird.

    It allows user modifications, but if we don't reset your toolbar on update you will never see buttons that were added in the meantime.

    So you want both sync features to enable/disable? Saving you one click. What if one is on, the other is off?

    Another thing to consider: Rhino's toolbar has no state, you can't indicate on/off states like it's possible in revit/sketchup/archicad, so Enscape tries to have a very simple logic. Having to changes on one button is working against this goal.

    In short: I can understand that you want to save one click, but unless you have very good reasons I don't think we will change the behaviour.