Sketchup Enscape Full Work Process - Exterior Render

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    Very nice, how did you deal with the noise in the render? Mine always has a lot of noise

    Are you perhaps making use of emissive surfaces mainly to light your scene? Is your scene generally well-lit enough using lights? Could you maybe share a screenshot of your scene so I can give you further tips? :) Thanks.

  • When you save a file to your computer, Enscape makes more calculations for the lights - doing so whilst in realitme would be slower.

    Things to help :

    Use Restmode and when the camera is still still it will do additional calculations to fill in some of the gaps between the visible noise

    If you have a modern nvidia GPU, you can enable the RTX denoiser in the enscape settings.

    If you can, the ultra video preset will bounce a little more light and cut

    Don't use auto-exposure when setting up your lighting : it may be that the noise you see is because your scene is too dark and the lights themselves need to be more intense.

    Don't rely purely on emmissive materials - these don't output as many rays of light the placed light objects.