Post-Trial collection of thoughts

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  • I have completed my trial of Enscape a little while back and I just wanted to share a few of the little issues I ran into while using it.

    1. Glass

    Reflections on the glass gave the glass a tinted appearance in some cases. Also possibly related I found the effect of the transparency setting of the sketchup material to be unpredictable/inconsistent in that it seemed to have an affect on the reflective properties of the material regardless of the name of the material.

    2. GI Effect

    I wish there was a 'mix amount' setting to allow the AO/GI effect to be toned down. I appreciate how the GI effect adds depth to the model, but in many scenes that I work on, getting a consistent appearance of the materials is paramount. I felt the GI effect was too strong that I would not be able to utilize it for client presentations without the general appearance of the materials being called into question. Without lights and the nature of how the emissive material works currently, I found that I was completely at the mercy of this GI effect to convey the idea of lighting for an interior space, and I just did not have enough control over it to get a result that I would be comfortable showing to some of my critics.

    Enscape has great potential and I have no doubt that these issues will be addressed in one way or another soon enough. Great work, and keep it up! I look forward to tracking the progress and hopefully becoming a customer soon.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi vertigo1 thanks a lot for your feedback and excuse us for the late answer.

    1. Glass

    The opacity of the glass material gives it a tinted appearance. The lower, the clearer the glass.

    You can also use the keyword "copper" instead of "Glass" and raise the transparency of the material to get an acryl glass look.

    2. Please try out our new preview version. We've improved GI and added artificial lights.

  • I have noticed the improvements in the newer versions, I just figured you were all busy fixing the issues and I simply saw the answer in the improvements.

    Thanks for the tip with the "copper" tagging and transparency, I will test it out. We now have one floating license of Enscape at our office, and I have it installed on several users machines so if we start fighting over the license I will push for more. Keep up the good work team!