Feature request - Indicator for sun direction

  • I noticed that, in addition to the time of day, you have added a small sun icon. Would it also be possible to add a direction indicator for changing the sun direction? ( as toggled with ctrl+u/i )

    That would be super useful, especially if it would be indicated in degrees, perhaps 0 is rhino north.

    That way I can easily get back to exact sunpostion between sessions as well as quickly estimating where where sun is in relation to real world on architecture projects. Many times I change the direction back and forth just to see things in different lighting and other times I need the real world sunangle represented.

  • Hey jpedstrand , thank you for your request.

    Pardon my confusion, I'm not entirely sure what the proposed sun direction indicator would be good for, maybe you could also briefly re-describe/further detail your request, I'd be thankful about that. :)

    Further, you are able to change the solar rotation clockwise and counterclockwise with "Ctrl + U / I", change the solar angle with "Shift + U /I" and as a tip, you can reset this rotation again by pressing the "Pos1" or "Home" button on your keyboard.

    Maybe this is already helpful to you as well.

    Again, I'd be thankful if you could let me know a bit more about the request. ;)

  • Hi,

    ok, so for architecture, real world corresponding sun position is obviously crucial.

    In rhino however it is easier to draw lines and objects corresponding to rhino north (as opposed to the rotation projects are rotated in real world.)

    So when opened in enscape there is an discrepancie, which sometimes needs to be compensated for. Right now I turn the sun based on guesswork. But if there was an indicator for the sunangle I could easily compensate this position to a known angle and get accurate lighting.

    Another scenario is when working with lesser parts, for instance facade elements, that will be positioned and repeated in many sun positions but are modelled and investigated isolated and generically. In those cases, when in enscape sun is rotated in many various ways to get better understanding.

    The latter is also why a general setting for project rotation only would work accompanied with on a "screen current sunposition indicator" or something similar. Perferably indicated in degrees.

    Makes sense?

  • jpedstrand , that definitely makes sense, so thanks a lot for your further description. It would still be very helpful if you could further detail or send me an illustrated image as to how the indicator would be displayed in Enscape itself? I'm still having a bit of trouble understanding how you imagine it exactly. That would be perfect. I'll happily file your wish as a feature request afterward. :)