Vectorworks Mac Plugin Timeframe

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  • On Vectorwork's Roadmap Site,

    "Enscape Integration on Mac" is listed on actively working on.

    A new release of VW should be expected as usual for mid September.

    I think that might be a nice datum.

    So if nothing goes wrong, my Glass Ball estimates in 4-5 weeks or so :)

  • Architecture is a business. Development speculations are crystal balls. Hoping and wishing and similar is no way to run a business. Enscape has been around 7+ years. How much work have you lost to your competition hoping and waiting? How many years will it take to catch up to what your competition started doing five years ago?

    If a tool is mission critical to the success of your client and the success of your business you need to estimate the cost and expense of losing client's to a competitor that presently has the tools that help your competition succeed. Depending on the type of work you do is it worth losing $1000 to not have a tool? $10,000? $100,000?

    Windows vs Mac discussions distractions. Computers are tools. How much work are you willing to give your competition because you refuse to purchase the right tool today?

  • I have a decent Windows 11 PC.

    I use it when necessary, like when 3950X CPU power or RX6800 GPU power

    needed. But usually I avoid it for anything else and just use my week interims

    16 GB M1 Mac Mini :)

    Enscape is far from being system relevant for me until today.

    I may just jump into it once it is running reasonably on Apple ARM.

    For now I mainly still do my old school VW / C4D CPU Render workflow.

    But for real time I am currently into Twinmotion.

    And the times when I compared TM and tested Enscape Trial - with large quality

    differences in GI - a few years ago, aren't that exciting anymore to spend

    into a (not really loved) Subscription only offer.

    But of course, once the Mac Version is Apple ARM ready, i will test another

    Enscape trial with open expectations.