GPU recommendation for personal VR archviz project

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  • Hi All,

    I'm new here and would like to ask for anyone (including Demian Gutberlet ) for any experience with the 30XX series of cards, more specifically the 12GB 3060, 12GB 3080(and Ti) and 24GB 3090 (non Ti).

    I want to get into VR archviz for a personal 3 story house project on a descending hill, and I think it might be best to buy either the 12GB 3060 or the 12GB 3080 and later upgrade to a higher VRAM RTX 40XX GPU.

    I know that VRAM is important, but how much better would a 3080 be considering a possible ~$750 against a ~$400 3060 GPU.

    How has your experiences been with these 30XX cards?

    My tools would be Sketchup, Enscape and a Quest headset (and later a higher res HMD).

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    yomer , thanks for your request!

    Right away, the 3060 with 12GB of VRAM is a great card for Enscape no doubt. You should not experience any issues navigating your scene, rendering photos/videos and so forth.

    Still, if you would want to use a higher-res HMD sooner than expected, I would advise going with something like the 3080 or even 3090 instead - VR is simply very hardware demanding, especially using higher resolutions and/or framerates.

    If you can wait a while longer or perhaps lower the resolution of any HMD you'd acquire, then you could also just go with the 3060 option and upgrade to one of the 40XX models later on.

    Hope that helps. If any more specific questions come up let me know of course.