Missing Material Library

  • I am a new Enscape user and ended up here in this forum thread looking for answers to lack of access to the missing materials library! I really love this software, and so glad that it is available for Mac users, but I so agree with some of the others here that as a Mac user I don't think it fair we should have to pay the same subscription price without having access to all of the bells and whistles available to PC users. Wow. This Mac issue was not discussed in the literature on your site that I studied before I purchased my subscription. I feel kind of disheartened as Zorrilla described above. And kind of sad. I would be very happy to pay the going rate as soon as you guys get the Mac version up to speed!

  • I completely agree re the pricing structure for Mac Users V's Windows users. What i am glad about is not spending £4500 for a MacBook Pro with all the bells & whistles in order to handle some complex models. Thank goodness i asked my colleague to install Enscape on his Mac just to see how fast it was as a bench marking exercise... Missing Lighting fixtures and material library - surely this is what makes Enscape so good on Windows.... No video Editor too... oooft.

    I was so looking forward to streamlining my work flow to a single machine... alas. Not for now.

  • Just posting here to let the devs know I cancelled my subscription due to the fact that the pc version gets all the features and mac user just get a diluted version, while paying the same price tag, I feel completely cheated, the fact that there's no clear roadmap is also diheartening. Demian Gutberlet

    I don't blame you, I'm getting close myself! This is incredibly frustrating! Enscape, why aren't you listening to your cusomers, or better yet, responding!?!?!

  • Enscape! Why aren’t you addressing the concerns of your customers!!?? Why is there NO communication or transparency with your plans. Why are you ignoring us, the people who can add value to your product through invaluable user insight and are the reason you have money coming in the door. Why!?