camera tracking

  • Maybe you don't know an iPhone app, called CamTrackAR. Well, it allow you to track in realtime your rec and export tracked data in several format, csv included.

    I've tried to import camera coordinates from c4d via Python code and works quite well.

    I say 'quite', because of Enscape camera roll is locked.

    Now, is there a way to unlock the roll camera axis and save the animation?

    In fact, I'm can save a 'rolled' picture render, but not any animation...

    Thank you


    P.S. I'm writing some code to import .csv data from CamTrackAR, but it doesn't make sense if I'm unable to use roll axes

    Some realistic animations

    depends from camera motion

  • It would be nice if you can import camera tracks from real movies.

    Now I create a camera track path in Aftereffects and export it to 3dsmax. Then I can match the 3dmodel with the video.

    But... I want the render from enscape, with the nice materials. So please, add the possibility to import camera tracks in Enscape.