Ability to change docking position of View Management

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  • Our team has found the need to reposition the view management fly out multiple times in meetings and we feel this would be such a nice and easy addition to the interface of Enscape. This primarily is an issue during meetings within our large conference room. Depending on which side of the screen the "Driver" sits on he/she may need the view management on the opposite side of default for easy viewing and ability to quickly go to the desired view. For most meetings our workflow is by favoriting views and going through it with an Xbox controller though when we need to go to a certain view for discussion the visual impairment at times due to the default view management docking can make an unpleasant experience, While free floating panels may be too much to code into Enscape, an ability to flip sides in the settings panel or even mirror the whole panel bar by clicking a button would be a "niche" but useful feature. I am also adding this to the feature portal.