Editing Custom Asset Materials Without Changing Materials For Other Users

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  • I am trying to implement a shared library of custom assets at my firm and am in the initial stages of testing. I have run into a pretty major issue and I can't seem to find any information about it on the forum. After a custom asset is created with its preliminary materials, once those materials are edited by a user those materials seems to get updated in every project that contained that custom asset. Is there a way to give the user the ability to change the materials on an asset for a specific project while not pushing the materials to other projects that contain that same asset?

    I am working with shared network folders for both the 'Assets Projects' and 'Exported Assets' folders.


  • If you edit a custom asset everyone will see the changes.

    If you need to edit the characteristics of a custom asset and keep those characteristics unique for a project you need to create a new custom asset. At this time there's no efficient/predictable workflow for iteration of custom assets.

  • This has requested many times before, please add your vote to this topic: Changing materials

    Also, make sure to mention you would like this functionality for CUSTOM assets as well as (presumably) the default assets. The custom assets is a different feature set than the regular assets, so if they add material overwrites for the default assets, it will not necessarily work with the custom assets.