Ressources editor problems

  • Could you resolve the scale/zoom in the viewport of the personnal ressources editor with:sketchup:? When i import a geometry the scale is sometimes huge (x100) and scaling the object causes it to disappear from the viewport. Maybe an auto-zoom extend?

    It would also be necessary to be able to reduce the number of polygons like the TRANSMUTR software...

    Sorry for my english

  • Rick Marx

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  • Hi fld

    Welcome to our forum.

    I'm assuming you mean the Material Editor with the 'personnal ressources editor'?

    I was not able to reproduce this issue in our latest version so far, could you send a screenshot of this effect and any possible steps to reproduce this?

    Regarding your request to reduce the number of polygons, please forward this to our product management team directly through our Public Voting Portal.

    Please do add some more detail to this request about where you wish to apply this to, or what use case you have so they can better asses the request.