Assets not rendering on file shared from remote office

  • We use Enscape exclusively with Sketchup and generally it's been great when we only had one operator/render machine. However recently we have had a contractor do some work and share the model back to us with the Enscape assets already placed but it's not rendering anything.

    Is this something that we can fix or a known limitation that the assets can't be shared inside a model from one location to another?

  • Rick Marx

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  • They can be shared.. (I mean native ENS assets) I've done it between different computers in our office.. localised without any common shred paths etc.. I have done it between different language versions of ENS even.

    The textures for displacement and reflections etc.. anything that is not the base sKetchup texture will be lost.. I'm not sure if some shared location works for those cos our office has a password on shared files so anyway sKetchup can not go there..

    What can not be shared is the objects which You save as a proxy..

    all extra needed textures and component saved as proxy files they should be placed int the same folder and send all together if You don't want to loose them..

    and user defined assets should be send as well all You should place them in the path specific for You..