the (well known) custom backround issue

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  • hello everyone !

    I really like to use a good quality HDRI image to render my exterior images but sometimes the background doesn't fit 100% with my project so

    I tick the (sky/) ''white background'' and I use a nice image in photoshop (= HDRI is only used to light the scene - not visible !)

    I render my image in 4K png + apply alpha channel....!

    In photoshop, because of the white background I get the annoying white pixels around the geometry

    that ruins all the quality of the image :

    this in a well know issue in all render engines and I think is because of the anti-aliasing (and the big difference in brightness, I guess) !

    but in corona render it can be easily eliminated when you render with black background !

    Any ideas how this can be fixed in enscape ?

    maybe instead of ''white background'' a ''black backround'' (or custom color) would be nice !

    thanks in advance !