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  • Hello !

    I installed the latest version of Enscape But I still have glass reflexion issue with object and lights. See below the trails behind vegetation and lights on the left mirrors :

    Any tips to avoid that ?

    Also I take this opportunity to give some feedback on the last Enscape version.

    -On SketchUp, when you select a material with the eye dropper and you open the Enscape material editor, no material is selected in the menu. You always have to go back to your SketchUp model and pick the material you want to edit. In the preview version your material was already selected when you open the material editor window.

    - When you import a material from the Enscape material library, when you close the window, the material imported is no more automatically selected in your SketchUp material list. Now you need to open the "in model material" list to find it. In the previous version the imported material was automatically selected and ready to apply.

    2 details that use to make our work easier than in this new Enscape version,

    Thanks for you attention !


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    Hi Ren these "trails" behind the objects in the reflection are the areas where the reflection could not be resolved with on-screen information and Enscape falls back to ray tracing. Currently only the front-side material in Sketchup is considered for shading of the ray traced reflections. Please make sure that you're using the same material on the front & backsides of your geometry - then the difference should be a lot less visible.

    This combination of so called "screen space reflections" and ray traced reflections hasn't been changed in 3.4. But we've improved the amount of geometry that can be considered for ray traced reflections.

    Hope that helps!

  • The update has broken a number of my custom materials that use .tif files. The textures worked fine previously, but are now incredibly dark/almost black.

    Attached is an example texture in the render (the almost black wall), and the albedo file from the texture in question. I have dozens of custom textures that I've been using for years and suddenly I'm having to rebuild all of my textures from scratch, so this has been hugely disruptive to my workflow. Also, the .tif format is one of the most common formats used by CG image resources.



  • Hi srp

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    Could you send us a feedback report including the log files, and this project for testing as well?

    If that is possible, you can send the project via a WeTransfer link to

    Please add a link to this thread and my name in both the feedback report and the mail for context.