• I was looking for some kids buckets & spades on the 3D warehouse and found this model - thought it looked cool to make a test video from...

    The changing of exposure and flickering shadows is because I changed the time and the clouds move rapidly over the sun.

    I also made a skateboard ramp and filled it with the sea texture to disguise/re-position the horizon.

    When making the 'sand' bump it occurred to me that what I really wanted was to apply a small 'grain' bump to a much larger 'ripple' bump... not sure what other applications that would have, (cloth? hills?) but it would be a really neat feature.

  • At other render engines you can add a mix texture, where you would add the two different bump maps in the sub slots. Is it this you want to request?

    An other way could be to use a procedural noise where you can setup an octave count (if I right understand the noise texture of Vray). In your case you would need two - one fine sand noise plus a large "hill" noise.

    But maybe you find a nice high res sand texture at the web. Attached one I created in the past. But it's without bump map. Maybe you can create one per tools like crazy bump.