Enscape keeps Crashing

  • Thanks for the quick response, Demian Gutberlet.

    When the Enscape error reporting window pops up (the one that asks customer to fill out info), the computer only gives me about five seconds to fill in the necessary information before it halts/freezes. I have yet to figure out how to resolve this. If there's a way to manually extract the error logs for your analysis, I'm happy to try that avenue.

    I'm sorry to hear about that - If so you can also send us the log files manually indeed:

    Enscape main plugin log files:


    SketchUp plugin log files:


    You can just package everything in a .zip file and attach it with your next reply - Given that your GPU unfortunately just barely meets our requirements (especially video memory) it could be your graphics card giving in especially when the project(s) may not be on the smaller side. Do you experience this is an empty scene too? Just to make sure and thanks in advance for your effort.