Does Archvision Models work in Sketchup?

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  • So you've installed the ArchVision Plug-In for SketchUp and tested the behavior?

    We're not officially supporting ArchVision for SketchUp.

    We show the meshes without texture at the moment but my Archvision texture path cannot be linked correctly to the plug-in.

    So I'm currently waiting for the answer of the ArchVision team.

  • Any further update on this issue? I have version 2.3.2 Enscape version at the moment. So has this been resolved in 2,4?

    We contacted Archvision and they said that the issue of not being able to show the rpc models in Enscape was down to you guys needing to resolve a couple of things. Not sure what but it would be good to know what the latest on this is as it would be good to have the models we've created to be visible in Enscape.


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    vgeorgiou , I'm afraid, ArchiVision models are not yet officially supported by Enscape for SketchUp. Support for them is generally filed as a feature request on our agenda so I gave the topic a further upvote through your voice.

    Also, we have another topic on our agenda to allow you to import your own models into the asset library. Maybe this would be of interest to you? If so, I'll happily give the topic a upvote through your voice as well, just get back to me. :)