Material Sphere Sample File

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  • Is there an updated / current version of the revit file that just has several sphere's with example materials applied for revit please? I just downloaded one but it looks like it doesn't have all the current materials.

  • FS_Designer_2021 , there isn't a new version of that particular project file, but you can also acquire the "Enscape 3.1 - Material Exhibition" here. This standalone file showcases the materials available in our dedicated Material Library, which can be used within Revit too of course (but the file itself cannot be edited since its a standalone .exe).

    On top of that, you can check out our comprehensive Revit materials knowledgebase article here. I highly advise reading through it if you haven't and also clicking on some of the hyperlinks that lead to other relevant topics. :)

    Finally, of course, if you have any other specific questions let me know whenever you like.